Dependency date push when final launch date changed

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When we create a Gant Chart for a product launch and then make dependencies with tasks, we wanted the time line to shift when an end date changes. For instance, creative will take longer to provide materials, launch date moves to later OR launch date comes earlier, then all tasks need to begin earlier in order to meet that launch

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This is Essential for keeping 3+ month projects on track without a major time investment on stretching out or shifting each individual task that was late or early. If tasks in a dependency chain all moved in unison that would be ideal.


Dependencies need to be flexible so that projects can move and adjust. Fixed depenedencies doesn't seem to meet the needs of many organizations who are more agile.


Would love to use Redbooth as it seems the optimal combo of indiv/team task management/Kanban and project/company management (Gantt). However, these fake dependency graphics in the Timeline are utterly useless unless they represent a real critical path, meaning: A) they adjust when a precedent item changes, & B) they alert you to impending changes in antecedent tasks. For example, if a launch date for a campaign is set, and one needs to move the launch date, Redbooth simply breaks the link, if you move date forward, or ignores implications to antecedent tasks if you move the launch date backwards. Essentially, it's just a bit of eye-candy, and it is preventing me (and any project manager who uses Gantt) from migrating to Redbooth.


We need this flexibility also. Especially if we have created a task template with days after task list launched. If the dependencies change then we need the option to move tasks according to days. Perhaps similar function to when you move a reoccuring task, where it gives you an option to move just this task or all.


This is a really important part of a GANT chart. What's the point in a dependency if it can be broken? Clearly that second task isn't dependent on a previous one if it can be started before the delayed task finishes!


All dependencies are set to 'Won't push dependents', shown by a dotted line on the GANT, but also have a check box to make them 'Will push dependents' shown by a solid line.

Apart from the change to a dotted line, this won't impact existing users as default is the same.


Does anyone at Redbooth monitor these feature requests & respond?