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Show date ranges in "Today" under "Tasks by User"

Grain Creative 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Tasks • updated by Heather 2 months ago 11

Currently the task shows up only on the due date. However a task with a date range often needs to be worked on every day in the range, show it should always show in "Today"

Constant source of frustration. Date range doesn't work for us for the same reason. 

I completely agree with this.  Why have a date range if it's not going to show on their task list until the day it's due?  It's leading to a lot of overdue tasks because it's not on anyone's radar until day of.

Same here. Date ranges become useless because my team doesn't look ahead. My workaround is I use a date range at the task level so I can easily see it when looking at the task list and then within each task I make subtasks to divide up the work for a set number of hours each day of the range.

Yes! Please Yes!!! I love that I can set a date range of when a task is due, but it is causing some difficulties since it does not come up on my Dashboard until the end date. I would like to see it prior to that, so I can remember to get started on a project.   

Hi everyone,

I hear your concern, but not sure there is a clear solution.  Any ideas on how best to organize tasks with date ranges that span Today?

For example:

- A task with a date range of yesterday - tomorrow... shouldn't that show up in tomorrow? Would it show up Today and Tomorrow?

- If tasks with date ranges were to be included Today, in what order would they be listed?

- Would it make sense to have a grouping specifically for 'Ongoing' tasks that sits above or below Today?



Hi Ryan, 

The task always shows up on the final day in the date range so under the current circumstances it would show up in today. If you changed the date range from yesterday to January 5th, the task would show up in your dashboard on January 5th which could mean it falling off your radar.

Not sure how the order of listing would work, but not entirely sure it works for tasks without a date range, doesn't appear to be alphabetical or by when the task was originally created. Don't think it matters all that much though.

Personally I wouldn't be keen on another grouping for ongoing tasks but just my opinion.



Gathering feedback

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for the input.  You bring up good points.   The way I see it (now with some more time to digest), is that date range tasks could live in the Today section and be sorted by most recent upcoming due date below tasks without ranges.  Tasks with ranges in the future would, naturally, not be in Today. 

Task 1: Today

Task 2: Today

Task 3: Yesterday - Today

Task 4: Yesterday - Tomorrow

Task 5: Today - Tomorrow

Task 6: Today - 2 days from now


This feature would be really helpful! Being able to see the tasks under "My Tasks" and on the calendar throughout the date rate would be a huge help. Currently, the tasks only show up on the final date in the date range and it leads to a lot of assignments being late since people don't always realize the task is due until the last day.

This really would be helpful. We often have people who don't start on a project until it's almost due, simply because it's not showing up as needing to be worked on until the day it's due.

Ryan -

I think the one disconnect here is you're thinking about when the task is due, not when it's being worked on.  What users need to see is what we need to WORK ON today, not necessarily only what is due.  If there's a task that's going to take a week to finish, Mon-Fri, then it should show up in TODAY for all days.  Show it in the other groupings (Tomorrow, This Week) if the coding is easier, but it should DEFINITELY be part of TODAY for every day in the date range.

What I've wound up doing to work around this is I create a bunch of subtasks within a larger task and divide the work up across multiple days and this allows me to have work appear on each day's list. not ideal but for my team members that need daily lists it works.