External user permission access timeline, chat and HD meetings

Stephanie Roache 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Users • updated by Lorenzo Vidali 1 year ago 1

I'd like to see a way to allow external users to be setup to access the timeline chat and HD meetings features within their assigned workspace. There's a lot of collaboration that occurs and wanting to cut down on emails, the only option is to allow for external users to have an isolated chat room and HD meetings.


I agree, lack of client access to the chat feature is the only thing keeping us from migrating from Slack. Allowing granular permissions control per user would be great. For example, the dropdown menu over each user could display a panel of checkboxes that allows you to select the exact functions allowed for each user. Being able to select multiple users to do mass edits to permissions would be super helpful as well. And maybe you could even save custom settings as a dropdown menu item?