Allow to assign priority/severity level for tasks and be able to sort it

Yaron Elhadif 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Tasks • updated by Ryan Crosbie 3 months ago 11

I would be very useful to have priority/severity level for each task and be able to sort it.

Many times we need to focus on the most important task. Today RedBooth give us due dates and urgent flag. It is not flexible enough.

If you could provide additional flags which will serve as priority, it would be very helpful.

Such as:

URGENT (blocker)

HIGH (1st priority)

MEDIUM (2nd priority)

LOW (3rd priority)

SUGGESTION (not mandatory to handle / new idea / nice to have / if time permit)

This enhancement should also be reflected in dashboard, timeline, reports ....



I also think that redbooth lacks the option to prioritize.

i would be happy if I had that option. the flags idea is great!




I would be very intetrested with this one too. My team is very junior and needs a bit of hand holding. Having an option of assigning priorities to the task would help them plan their time and deliver on time. I would have a guarantee that it was clearly communicated what needs to be done first!


Great idea.

I would like to use this option too.


I agree that the flag idea is great! I would be satisfied with being able to reorder my daily task list, making the tasks at the top of the list a higher priority than tasks at the bottom of my list. We can reorder tasks when creating the Workspace tasks, why not be able to do it on our dashboard in the "Today" view?


Hi any chance of this going live

Dear Redbooth Team,
What is your opinion about this suggestion?


The way we workaround this limitation is to use hashtags. #P1 = top priority, #P2 = medium priority, #P3 = lowest priority... Not ideal but it is an option

We are waiting for a response to this for over 6 months. Can somebody let us know if this will be implemented?


There is a fundamental contradiction here:

On the one hand Redbooth is a fantastic product in a very competitve market

On the other hand there is a small number of basic features like this one that aren't included, but more importantly there are no responses from Redbooth.

I am wary about investing more time/money in this tool until I know there is a company who are behind this product and actively improving it and more importantly, communicating with it's customers. Otherwise the likelihood is that the next response is an email saying that Redbooth has been taken over by Company X who doesn't have a plan to continue and you can migrate to their other rubbish product! I hope that doesn't happen.

.. there are tag options #P1 #P2 #P3 .. but lets be honest it's not very practical .. I use urgent button. So my priority have three levels .. nonassigned, assigned and urgent .. but it would be much better if there would be a simple button to pick one of let's say 5 levels .. something you can change really fast anytime.


Hi everyone,

We are planning to work on this feature first thing next year.  Thanks for feedback and patience as we work to make priority/severity as helpful for you as possible.