Add the estimated time to tasks

Eduardo EXA4 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Time Tracking • updated by Heather 9 months ago 6 2 duplicates

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Being able to report this against actual time tracked is critical too.

Si se incorpora el número de horas estimadas para las subtareas o directamente para la tarea, sería genial que se pudieran de las horas imputadas en esa tarea y el cómputo general con indicación si se ha sobrepasado la estimación inicial. En caso de ampliar la estimación, que quede registro.

Agreed fully with this- you need to be able to track estimated and planned times.


Agreed, this is a very important feature that is missing from Redbooth. They say to enter a hashtag in the task name as a way to enter the time estimate, but that's a workaround. I'd love to have the ability to enter the task estimate and then if you log time it shows how much time is remaining per the estimate. This should also work for subtasks.


This would be ideal for time tracking.

If there was a way to put an estimation on time, it would be great to also include the rollup of actual time tracked for the task.  This way we can see if we are running close to the estimate.

What Edward wrote is EXACTLY what our team needs. And, in an ideal world, we can integrate this time tracking with QuickBooks so we don't need to double enter our time...