a way to display longer tasks names in timeline

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allowing multilines task?

allowing to move the line between tasks and timeline?

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I beleive this is a major issue. Oherwise you cannot see on what task you are working on

I agree- I also raised this under: Workspace- task pane

Take a look to GanttPRO ... they have task/milestones names over the timeline !

This would be great. It's much easier to read and understand the visualization.

Now you have to jump with your eyes to know which range belongs to which task.

Also we need some organization on the timeline .. to be able to see some planned/overall time for a groups of tasks and groups of groups of tasks. I have bazillion tasks and I really need to have visual overview of the progress (past and future)

For me this is a MUST, how come no one thought of this and implement it right away, !!??