Allow custom task status options

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It would be really nice if we could customize task statuses beyond the Open/Resolved/Urgent that you have today.

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I concur, there are times where we decide to "reject" a task but want to keep it around for future reference so that we have a record of what was discusses and why we decided not to pursue completing the task.

Yes, things like "in review" and "on hold" would be great!

Agreed! Our company works with Wrike at the moment, but we all like the Redbooth UI much better However Wrike allows custom statuses and workflows which are very powerful. You can then filter on task status which can be very useful.

I agree. I would like to be able to set the status such as "not started" "in process", "on hold", "waiting for stakeholder", "in review". If there was an option to set a % completed that would also be very nice.

percentages would be great for my team!


We also need a status field to show if a task is in WIP, Testing, Ready for Product, etc. status tags like that and/or % of the task.

Redbooth team are you going to respond?

Custom statuses and the ability to filter and view tasks by status (instead of by task list for example)

Also change task/card color based on status

We use Redbooth for projects and Zendesk for customer support. Zendesk allows you to set ON HOLD, PENDING, SOLVED, OPEN. We use those different options all the time and would like to see that in Redbooth or even better the ability to do custom status options.

Hi everyone,

We are big users of tags here at Redbooth, and organize many of our tasks this way.

Are you using #tags to categorize or organize any of your projects this way? 

To tag something: simply type "#(tagname)" after your task title and the tag is appended to the task itself. You can include multiple tags for any task and you can also search for tags.  Several defaults for colors are also built into the tagging structure. 

We understand this doesn't create a "% of work completed" chart, but it would quickly address many of the concerns in this thread.




+1 - Custom statuses would be HUGE!
We use tags, but it's a pain because we have to type them out every single time


Redbooth Product Dev: Anything that requires free text entry by the user is prone to error. Unless you can create a controlled vocabulary of the hashtags being used, those seem like a workaround for missing functionality to me...

That is exactly what I thought: you'd have to create a master file of "hashtags" to share with user


Custom status tags would be awesome, but it doesn't have to be custom. Just a way to see more than just "active" or "resolved". We need to see when a project is IN PROGRESS, PENDING APPROVAL and a DELIVERED status (not resolved) would help as well.


For sure very handy feature to have Custom status possibility, which can be predefined by admin.


Hi everyone,

We are planning to work on this feature first thing next year.  Thanks for feedback and patience as we work to make custom tags as helpful for you as possible.