Add a "Phase" or "Stage" level above task lists - for Agile/Gantt hybrids

Steven 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Task Lists • updated by Bnonn Tennant 6 months ago 2

Our work (architecture) falls generally into predefined stages/phases in a TPM format since our design contracts follow sequential development. Within stages is another matter, as we increasingly find our clients' needs to be less sequential (agency approvals, sub-packages, fast-tracking) and ourselves resolving items as they arise - much more suited to Agile/Kanban workflows. We love the Kanban capability of the task lists (our teams employ a 5-step hybrid Kanban: backlog -> week ahead -> in progress -> completed -> review), but using them in this manner renders the timeline mostly useless. What would be incredibly useful for our teams is a way to group multiple task lists (in the Kanban format) under a phase or stage on the timeline. The stages can remain high-level sequential "waterfall" milestones (with their own dependencies) for our team and clients, but our day-to-day can operate in more collaborative sprints/charettes on the task list.

A alternative way to achieve the same would be to offer progress/status for each task and a filter in the task list view to reorganize by status - MS Planner offers a similar functionality in 365. Perhaps building on the mark urgent option, a status button? We could then organize each task list as a stage/phase itself, but our day to day view could be organized by status.


Concur that this would be useful! I requested something similar over here https://feedback.redbooth.com/topics/151-customizable-workflows/ Right now the workspace is limiting when it comes to establishing a workflow, especially since we rely on so many task list templates yet can't organize tasks lists into any sort of meaninful workflow right now.

+1. For many agencies, being able to create milestones for projects is critical. And being able to generate a report for clients, that shows these milestones and all the tasks under them, is equally important.