Completion dependencies for task due dates in task templates

Nathan 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Task List Templates • updated by Dylan 1 year ago 2

At the moment when you are making multi stage task templates you can assign different due dates to the task. But usually some tasks are slaves to others. ie, they don't start until another task is completed and so: Task B is due 5 days after the completion of Task A. While I can set the due date to 5 days later, it does not dynamically change if Task A is not completed on time. It would be great if you could build these dependencies so that task B did not start until task A was completed, and was then due 5 days later. It would be so much more powerful, and stop staff task dashboards being cluttered with tasks that they cannot complete, or aren't yet active.

Please add the dependencies as it would really help my organization also.

I concur with the above comments