Issue with assignees when using multiple organizations

JBQ 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Tasks 0

I'm using two distinct organizations in my Redbooth account. Since Redbooth introduced the multiple assignees feature there is a regression when using several organizations.

Scenario to reproduce:

- let's say organization A has team members P1 and P2, both are members of workspace W1

- organization B has members P3 and P4, both are members of workspace W2

- load redbooth, and create a new task in a task list of workspace W1 (of organization A). You will be able to assign P1 and P2, but you also have P3 and P4 in the list (why not, I find it annoying but that could be an interesting feature). If you choose P3 or P4 you will be prompted to add them to the workspace.

- Validate the form, task is created

- Now create a new task, and select a task list in workspace W2 (of organization B). And surprise, if you wish to assign P3 or P4 Redbooth claims they must be first added to the workspace, whereas they already belong to it! And if I do invite them, they will now be part of organization A!

This scenario exhibits a bug in how Redbooth handle assignees in multiple organizations. When selecting a workspace in the naw task dialog, Redbooth must switch its internal representation to refresh who is part of which organization, and who belongs to which workspace.