Desktop app independent chat, more "Slack like" and functional

Daniel Ruiz Muñoz 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Desktop Applications • updated by Lorenzo Vidali 1 year ago 1

Redbooth is a GREAT app for project & tasks management, but the weakest part for us, which is a great failure in our point of view, is the chat.

We must use Slack or Skype to have decent conversations, 1 to 1 or for project, as:

  • You can't share and keep documents on conversations (at least on 1 to 1)
  • You don't have "screens" to keep separated from the main RB app, as for example Skype has.
  • The UI from the chat is small, limitated and seems to be "an add-on" to RB, not something fully integrated.

Having a powerfull chat system would be an AWESOME improvement, as a team will be able to have everything in one place/app.

I think having the full-screen chat page as one of the top bar menu options would be the best bet. You can access the full-screen chat by opening a direct chat with another user and selecting full screen from the gear menu.