Allow to assign time (not just date) to tasks

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When there are multiple tasks assigned for one day, it would be helpful to prioritize the tasks by assigning specific times. Higher priority can have an earlier time and so on.

Also, it would be helpful to assign a due time in the day to accommodate meetings etc

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It would be a very nice feature. The one I miss...

So it seems like this was requested over 7 months ago. How do you know if Red Booth reviews, considers? This is a one key feature that is a major missing part of the software. It's crucial to us in the event business where everything is based around a specific time. Does anyone from Red Booth every weigh in to the conversation to let users know it's even being considered (or not)?


Our company regularly has shorter projects that can have their own timeline (hour or two per task) over the course of a day. It would be great to be able to assign tasks with hours, not just days. If this could expand to the timeline view as well, it would be very helpful.


This would be very important to us. In our work, we need to have about 30% of time unassigned because we treat a lot of urgent and imponderable tasks that emerge every day. So, we need to prepare the other 70%. One way would be to assign time load in a task (for example: a 10 hour workload to be delivered between Monday and Friday next week)

This would help the project manager to compare the estimated hours for a task and the real workload delivered and thus improve accuracy on future quotes.


I would be interested in development of this function. Did anyone got a response from Redbooth


I am interested in this feature.


This would also mean that when a task is sent to a calendar, it will be assigned a particular time bracket, not just an ALL DAY EVENT. This indeed will be helpful with managing tasks


Our 'all day events' on our Redbooth Google Calendar make it unbearable to look at some days. Most of these all day tasks which you can see in Purple on my picture eat up the entire calendar, but, in truth could be assigned to much shorter time brackets on the Google Calendar. Say between 10am and 11am or 2pm and 4pm. This would allow project managers to plan the week or month in advance with sync between the actual times on the calendar not just the dates. 


To be able to break down days in the time of day would really make this tool more useful in so many aspects.

In tasks, in timeline, in reports.


This is the only complaint I have about Redbooth. This feature would make Redbooth perfect for what I need


This is a much needed feature in Redbooth! We really need the ability to assign task estimates and then, if using the time tracking functionality, have it show you how much time was logged against the estimated time. In the absence of that, we add a hashtag to each task, or subtask, with the time estimate. Ex: if a subtask should take 3-hours we enter #3:00 so that when I am analyzing capacity for my team I can manually tally up their assigned work.


We do this with our company through the use of hashtags. Our form appends the time in hashtag depending on when they want it and it sends an email to redbooth. The hashtag in the subject line gets added to the task. So if subject line were: Art Request: ABC Auto Mall Due 4/27/2017 #10:00am it would translate to hashtagged time slots in redbooth. It puts in time order as well.


Your company uses forms to add tasks to Redbooth? Id be interested in hearing more about that. We have recently added a 'task adding' Slack channel for this purpose and seems to be the fastest way to add tasks into the system that we have tried so far. The Chrome plugin being #2. Emailing in being #3. But, I'd be interested in hearing about your 'form' task entry system.

Can you explain more about the use of "forms" for creating tasks? Thanks!

Gathering feedback

Hi everyone, it's clear that this is a much needed feature.  But as we have found in our early exploration, it's incredibly challenging to make 'time' useful for everyone in project management.  If anyone wants to chime in about how SPECIFICALLY this would be useful to them in Redbooth, we would be happy to continue evaluating. 

@merrily? I think a lot of people would be interested to hear about your use of forms, myself included.  




HI Ryan

I have a very junior team who needs a lot of support in task planning and prioritising. In my case it could work in two ways.

1. I have an option of assigning a priority to the task.

It could be numerical (e.g. from 1-10) or it could be in colour or symbol. In this way my staff would know which task of the day is considered highest priority and which one can be done after the high priority tasks are completed.

2. Assigning specific time slot for the task. 

Specific task would have time assigned against it. Meaning I can specify how long I think a task should take, how much time I am happy for them to spend on this task. In this way I could instill more discipline, make my expectation clear and maybe focus the work efforts a bit better.

It would be also very useful in the review time when I can see what is the time management of individual team members.

Having this function would in the future allow me to plan projects more accurately. Knowing how much time it takes my staff to complete things will allow me to then later allocate needed time to a project.

It would be very helpful of both solutions described above could be implemented.

Hope it helps



@ryan  - We really need the ability to assign task estimates and then, if using the time tracking functionality, have it show you how much time was logged against the estimated time and how much time remains to stay within estimate. ideally, we'd then want to have a sync between Redbooth time tracking and QuickBooks so we can push all logged time there for invoicing.


I wrote this below, but I'll reply here as well. Some of the tasks that get assigned are onsite meetings with clients. It would be nice to be able to set the time for those meetings. This would keep us from having to use another calendar specifically for meetings and other time-specific tasks because, hopefully, if I'm subscribed to the calendar via Redbooth, it will set the time appropriately in my calendar.

Hi Ryan, we have several tasks that depend on a time of the day to be made, such as social posts, blog publishing, meetings and so on, that are part of an specific project. And it is way easier for me as a manager, to be able to see what everyone is working on, in this specific time of the day, this helps me too so i know who can I assign other tasks depending on how their schedule looks like.  And cause sometimes our due dates or deadlines are more like 3:00 pm on june 20th, rather than just "all day june 20th". 

So it would be really helpful to be able to input or not a specific time for a task to get done. 

Yes, agree with @KCovian regarding specific times of day. We find that using the calendar integration is useless since everything is a full day task. We would love to set a time to tasks and be able to have it show up on our calendars for those dates/times.

If this implemented, please do not make it get in the way for those who don't need it

Hi Maja,

Thanks for the detail.  At the core, we think of Redbooth as a collaboration software.  This means we have not inserted processes for project managers to control the projects in restrictive ways. One thing that might be of value is a notification of a due date that is changed.  Restricting the permission of changing due dates for active team members?  I'm not sure that's the Redbooth way.


We do see the value of accurately planning, forecasting and measuring project time and believe those to be of value. Back on the topic of 'time', I think this is something we will consider as an extra layer on top of due dates and time tracking. 

Dylan - you got it! And thanks for the input.


HI Ryan

I am not sure how the assigning project priority is a restrictive way of project control. I think it is actually helpful for team members to see where they should focus their efforts  in a first place.

If some Redbooth users don't want to use it they can just leave it out.

Restricting the permission of changing due dates would be great. I have "moving targets" in my projects and it would be wonderful if I could pin some of these task down.

On a separate note, I appreciate that Redbooth sees itself as a collaborative software but looking at the interests gathered here, from many users (37 at the moment), I think you might want to consider this feedback. Clearly the functionality is missing and would be useful to many.



Hi Maja,

Redbooth offers out-of-box ways to assign priority, (including the Urgency button) the use of tags in the task description (simply type #"tagname" to tag it such as #P1 or #P10) and Task Lists names (we have a Priority list in several workspaces). Color is an interesting idea.

Can you explain what you mean by 'moving targets', and how that would be an important reason for restricting the due date changes?

You are right there's something important about this conversation!  But as I mentioned before, the concept of "time" means different things to different people.  Our conversation now off-topic to the feedback post for this very reason; time is THAT specific to each team. But, that's why I'm scoping it out to get a better understanding and I appreciate your contribution to the subject.


Hi Ryan

"Moving targets" was more of a matter of speech. Basically what I meant, is that if I can not restrict deadlines in a project then my staff are free to move them as they wish. In this way projects may go on forever. Even though it should not.

Certain projects have some flexibility when it comes to the deadline but others (like Exhibitions for example) do not. Meaning on these strict projects I would like to have a deadline that is fixed and can not be moved by anybody else in the team but me.

Moreover, I use Redbooth as a tool in my performance review process. Having set deadline will make it clear to me, who is meeting the deadlines and who is missing them regularly. At the moment (with the flexibility of all team members being able to change the due date) it is impossible for me to use this as a measure. It would be greatly helpful and I would imagine there are few more managers who would find it useful.

Regarding the time assignment. For me the best would be if I was able to allocate a specific time to a task. For example if I have a design to complete I would say it should not take more than 2 h. I would assign 2h to that task and expect my team to perform it in the given time (2h in this case). This would help me to avoid the procrastination and avoid peaks and troughs in the team performance and delivery.

I hope this clarifies my point.




Yeah, this is something we could use as well. Some of the tasks that get assigned are onsite meetings with clients. It would be nice to be able to set the time for those meetings. This would keep us from having to use another calendar specifically for meetings and other time-specific tasks. It would also be nice to be able to set addresses, but I could see how that might be a bit much. We could always put that in notes.


I have been asking for this time specific option for task assignments since I started using Redbooth 2 years ago.  Still no progress made.  I may be forced to look into software that provides that option as it's crucial to our business.

Hi Nancy! 

Right now we just have days and I understand that's limiting for many teams.  What level of "time" do you work in for the event business? Hours, 15 mins, minutes, seconds? 

FYI - we aren't considering minutes or seconds, but I am curious.



My lawyer bills at 300-400 and hour, seriously consider minutes as some billings are 0.1 hour or 6 minutes which is 30-40 dollars.

Hi Steven,

What calendar app(s) does your team use?


I would appreciate more options when setting up time. ON http://www.multilang.space/, we are billed by translators per word, converted to number of characters > seconds spent on task..


This is one of the two reasons we are looking at other software. With all of these requests, I'm surprised ya'll aren't on this.

Hi Cheryl,

We are planning on it, but Timeline View and Custom tags are slightly more important (in terms of upvotes, at least), so we are tackling them first.


It's a very interesting functionality for our team also!


Waiting for this for a long time.  My Mondays are horrible because when I try to manage the team/tasks looking at the calendar (general picture) or other report,I have no way of telling at this level if a task is a morning long, a day or a week long, since we only see due date. (we use a workspace for each project)

redbooth team will probably tell me to use tags but to me it is not a solution. Not even close to a solution. It only adds more work for me. 

Any news regarding this feature?

Hi all,

As we approach the launch of Tags and Timeline of Timelines "Timeline Overview", we are planning the next set of features for Redbooth.  Nothing official on "Task Time" yet, but should have an answer within 1-2 months.




This is really frustrating that it's not in there, especially having been requested years ago. To see how it can be done, please see how Asana does it.

For use, it's something that's vital for any content posting or sending. When does the email go out? When does the press release get posted? For days when there's a big news story, we're juggling coordinating multiple social posts, emails, press releases and blog posts, and it's very difficult to use Redbooth to manage it when we can't set a posting schedule in anything but writing it into the task description. 

I share this idea 100% !!! Congratulations to the proponent and please take into consideration. A hug from Chile

They way I see adding time is by the time on the clock. So, I only have 8 hours of work time in a day. I can do four 2 hour work chunks, or Redbooth tasks. I would like to be able to organize the RB calendar to sync with my Google calendar as actual 2 hour blocks rather than All Day events (which it currently does). So, from 10am - 12pm - Task A

1pm - 3pm - Task B

3:30pm - 5:30pm Task C

Currently calendar in Redbooth and in Synced Google Cal appear in no specific order and as 'add day' events rather than time blocks.