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Display TOTAL TIME spent on a task, include in reports.

Ryan Harris 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Reporting • updated by Heather 9 months ago 6

Currently to determine the total time spent on a task, you must scroll through comments/time stamps and manually add up all the time. It would be incredibly useful to have a "Total time spent" displayed at the top of each task and included in reports.


I would say you can go further and not only sum TOTAL TIME for task, maybe useful to have "Total time spent" by task list and project too.

yes, the total time spent on a project. It is the single most important time tracking number. I have to use the report and add up the monthly totals manually.


It would be very helpful to know how much time team is spending on tasks. Having it added up automatically would help a great deal and save loads of time.


9 Months of gathering feedback for something that simply makes sense and has no reason to not already exist.

This relates to another post on this forum somewhere that my team desperately needs -- the ability to create a task estimate and then track time against that estimate.