Enable more frequencies for recurring tasks

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We have some recurring tasks that repeat every 2 weeks, every 2 months, quarterly, half year and every other year, etc. An example of what we would like is used in Google Calendar settings...

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This is a major one. Quarterly tasks are very common as are "every XX weeks" tasks.

Agreed. We have tasks that occur every 6 months, etc., and right now there's no option between monthly and annually.


Yes - I am finding the difficulty in scheduling recurring tasks to be the biggest drawback to using the system and recommending for my office. Not only do I want to more easily schedule tasks for frequencies like "quarterly", but also to have more options for scheduling recurring monthly tasks. "Monthly" currently just moves a task to the same date the following month. Many of my recurring tasks are scheduled for things like "the second Wednesday of each month", etc.

Absolutely need this. "Daily," "Every third Monday," "Every 3 months," and also "after X days" (a specified number of days since the task was last completed).

YES.. YES.. YES.. (for those who remember 'When Harry meet Sally') The sort of flexibility that you see in calendar applications is common place now.. For example Mondays and Thursday every other week.. Let's not settle for less..

Vote way up for this one. Absolutely should have the flexibility to be able to set task recurrence on your desired cadence, not just those that are predefined in the system.


This is a great idea and in many instances essential for recurring tasks. We use bimonthly, quarterly and every 6 months as regular cadences for many maintenance/touch point related items. Please prioritize this feature update!

While repeated tasks are super helpful, most of the business I do involves "quarterly" or "triennial" assignments and communication for analytics and logistics. The flexibility of the 'repeat date' option definitely needs to get expanded so I don't accidentally resolve a task and never see it again instead of pushing the date back until I need to do it next.

This is very required. Also to ahve the feature of the X business day of the month. For example, if we say to recur on the first business date of the month, this may be the 1st if it falls on a weekday or the 3rd of the month if the 1st falls on a Saturday


@Redbooth, has there been any progress on this task? Seems it's very sought after by many users

Yeah, we need this too. We need every 3 months, 6 months. 

Any feedback from the Redbooth? Are they planing to add this? We need every 3 months, 6 months.

It is difficult to use this without having this 2 options. 

Same here. There is a big difference between monthy and every four weeks, for example. Particularly if you want a task to happen on the same working day (on Monday, for example) or if your process takes exactly four weeks (28 days) and not a month. Remember The Milk has resolved this very well.


It's amazing to me that this has 40 likes, seems like one of the most simplistic features to add (as it's already there, we're jsut asking for more), yet we haven't even heard a word about it from Redbooth

Gathering feedback

Hi everyone,

We are moving this to Gathering Feedback and going to start design work on it soon.  Replicating Google Calendars settings will not be a quick or easy task, but we'll at least start with some more of the obvious settings (quarterly, biannually, etc).

Thanks for your patience and comments on this one!


a quick solution for this would be to be able to set your own recurring task guidelines. I use a program called Boomerang and they have a little feature in it that allows me to do just that. I made a quick video to show you. I made a [1 minute example video] - maybe that will help a little bit.

Hi Ryan,  any update here?



Hi Dylan.  Yep, absolutely.  It's one of the next projects we'll work on, likely starting in February. 

Hi all,

Next week we will be improving Recurring Tasks to include [repeat every ___ day/week/month/year.] This way you can create your own frequencies. 

Not all of the features listed in the comments above will be included in the update, but the new version will be very helpful for most of the use cases you shared.



Hey Ryan - any update on when this will go live?  Been waiting for this one for a while.  Thanks!


Hi Dylan.  Engineering started working on this last week! 



Hi! Any update on this? Been waiting this for a long time! Thanks