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Ability to Move tasks in timeline

Adam 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Timeline • updated by daniel gameiro 2 months ago 3

This seems strange that tasks (the whole block) can't me moved in timeline view. This makes coordinating concurrent phases difficult as you have to move every item separately vs relative to the whole list. Almost all Gant chart solitons let you do this.

right now we have a projet with 9 task lists, each one with 8 tasks. The project is due en septembre.

I'm not sure ill be able to move all the tasks on the time line before the due date, yet alone finishing the project... 

Gathering feedback

Hi Adam and Daniel,

I think I understand what you are trying to explain, but I'm not certain.  Can you explain a bit more about 'moving the whole block' of tasks in a timeline view?  And, under what circumstances you would need to do this?




it is a project with 9 products (wich in this case are tasklists) that need to be simultaneously developed. 

I am planning all the development to discuss timing with my client. 

Each one with 12 tasks=108 tasks. And all of them have dependencies. I need to spread them them trough the time line like the image below. 

This doesn't allow me adjustments, otherwise I loose the relations and I have to do everything all over again.

If we could select the top bar and move all of the tasks (image below), it would resolve the issues from my point of view.