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To see logged hours per task and per tasklist

Claire 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Time Tracking • updated by Miika Varis 4 weeks ago 3

Currently the only way to view total hours per task list is adding them up manually in the Time Tracking Reports - not ideal.

It would be great to have hours logged at the top of each task list - or at least an option in the Time Tracking Reports to view by Task List.

As well as this to see hours logged per task would be very handy when billing out work for that task.

It seems that all this information is already available but it is about placing it elsewhere on the system.

Please Help!


Yes, it is absolutely important to follow logged hours cumulation easily per task and task list! 

Without having to do manually time report exports to Excel (ugh!).

I'm so tired of that.

I'd say task/task list hour cumulation should be visible automatically to those users that have turned on the time logging option. It means you are interested in the hours.

Gathering feedback

Hi Miika and Claire,

We are working on this feature early next year.  It should be available in two parts.

1) You can see the time totals for a task list in the Task Overview reports.

2) You have the option to show time spent on a task list while in Workspace view.

Thanks for your patience here.  We'll let you know when it's ready.


Hi Ryan,

That's excellent! We are in dire need of this feature.

I think the both options you recommended are good.
Although visibility in Task List is more important, as it is used daily by all users.

Any news when this will be published?

I was kinda hoping it would have been available when you published this week the Task Card updates showing comment amounts. I think work time accumulation ("123,45 h") would have be much more valuable mini-info instead. Well, it depends on the project. For internal R&D projects maybe the comment amount would be more appropriate (not sure)? Therefore I suggest you add selectable Task Card info in Project Settings. Then everybody can select what is most important for their project.