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Add milestones

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Sometimes you want to track when you reach a key point in a project, a milestone and not a task. It would be great if Redbooth would allow you to add these points to your plans.

I would love it, too!


Is this still a plan, I see last response 5 months ago


Also curious about that.

Gathering feedback

Thank you for your feedback!

Currently, we are gathering more feedback on this request, and I am updating the status of this request.

Please let us know if you have any additional feedback for us!

Irwin hi,

What is the feedback so far

Hi Irwin

Any news on this? It has been a while since you started the feedback gathering...?

How is this progressing Irwin? Thanks, Paul.

HI Erwin

Did you manage to gather enough feedback?

Can you please update us on this ?

In my project I have crutial delivery points on which the progress of the entire project depends. A critical path you may say. The milestones help with indicating a point at which all sub tasks and main tasks need to be delivered/ completed in order to complete the project on time. This would be especially useful in the timeline view.


Hi everyone.

I believe there is a lack of flexibility in the task organization ... I also use 'Milestones' .. to me it's just group of tasks .. the same thing as Task List.

But I need the same functionality for it as you have for the tasks.

- Time range

- Timeline View !

- Description

- Comments

- Nesting of Milestones/TaskLists/Tasks .. with no limits

Basically you just need to upgrade the task lists to show on timeline and ideally allow nested lists.

Having Comments and Description is a bonus but not that important.

To me this is a crucial feature.

Now I need to do hacks like separate tasks which stands for milestones and use multiple workplaces ..

Let organizations to define their own task organization depending on their needs.

It doesn't necessary make the tool harder to use.


Agree this is a really important feature. Just a checkbox on a task that says 'Milestone' which changes it to a flag on the timeline. Also 'deadline' would be useful too for externally influenced deadlines that are fixed. Maybe Milestone is Gold flag, Deadline is a red flag!

Me also, its a basic requirement as most sub projects have milestone deliveries. Has anyone got a workaround they use?