Bring Back Mobile Chat!

cbeech 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Chat • updated by Reinhard 2 weeks ago 3

In 2017, to remove the chat feature on the mobile app seems like going back in time. For our organization, it is imperative that we are able to communicate via mobile as we all work remotely. This change has been quite a headache for us. Very disappointing

agreed. I just got my entire team using the chat feature instead of SMS, and this is really messing up several months of workflow and process work. PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE bring this back to mobile fast

Chat Icon  App in IPhone 6
brazcomwireless 1 week ago in Feature Requests / Chat •  0

Being a legacy user I am still able - and allowed - to use the feature. It is a top selling point in regard to communicating with team pears. Unfortunately new team pears can't be reached because they are not legacy. What a disappointment. I received this answer from Kenneth Lodge (Redbooth) recently: "We don't have any immediate plans to return the chat feature. It was a feature that wasn't used by many users so we removed it. "

In what world is this Redbooth living? For example Smartsheet, Office Team, Dropbox they are improving on chat features and actually expanding. I can't accept Redbooth's argumentation.

Please, please bring it back soon.