Please have a space to put more permanent information like budgets, project-at-a-glance, etc.

Jordan Quackenbush 11 months ago in General Feedback • updated by Kristyn Norris 2 months ago 8

We need a way to keep information "stickied." Things like budget, project scope and core information, etc.

Tasks and Conversations are too fluid for this.
Am I missing a place for this? I don't want to have to type out a text file, then upload it every time I need to post this information. We're currently on Basecamp and strongly considering changing to Redbooth, but this is a major need for us.


Agreed! We used to use the About section for this but then you removed all formatting from that page and it became useless. We wind up using Slack for pinning all relevant project files...

Slack can handle basic text repositories? Or did you just use its core chat functionality to store that info?


Slack allows to pin files, google docs, posts, links, and more to each Slack channel. These then appear on the right side of the Slack channel. We create a Slack channel to align with each Redbooth project which is where we do a lot of our back-and-forth discussions about the tasks and then post our final info within Redbooth.


Ugh - I just wish there was "one solution to rule them all." We're on Basecamp 3 now and it does about 70-90% of what we need. If Redbooth had this info repository besides "uploading files," it would be pretty much 100%

Agreed! We reviewed a lot of products and, ultimately, there is not one that meets every need we have

We are looking for a solution for this also. Slack isn't cutting it in this regard for us either. We pin things for different reasons, so the amount pinned would be too much if we needed to do this in slack also.

Ideally we'd like an area that has the Workspace titles on cards/tiles, with an area that can be edited where we can input the status of all workspaces, ie "Waiting on client feedback" or "in design phase" etc, so we can have an at a glance overview of all our projects real quick

I think this is a critical feature for project management.  Here is an example image of how I tried a work around and made panes with project info.  I would like to see them just give you the ability to have panes like this that did not have the task check box so they could not be deleted and set apart from being a task.  I like the way you could then create a new instance from a template and carry the feature across to a new project.

I'm looking for the same type of thing a place that you can input static information like project scope, budget and etc that could be used again if someone copied the workspace and having the "About the Project" buried in the settings doesn't work as no one looks there. I thought setting this up in the notes section but notes do not copy to new workspaces. Right now I'm setting it up in a task list but I know everyone in my company will find this annoying.