Have 'Copy and assign task...' indicate which task is the copy

Oliver Rockwell 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Tasks • updated by Matt AussieBatteries 2 years ago 4

we have unfortunately had many incidents where users inadvertently modify the original instead of the copy after a 'Copy and assign task...' operation since both have the exact same title. something simple like adding '[copy]' to the front of the task title would make this operation not so confusing. even showing the task ID or create date in the task list would make it clear which was the newer one.

To my knowledge there are 3 ways in which Redbooth already does this (though not as blatant as what you're looking for?) -

1. At the bottom of the task it will say "@user created this task from [taskName] - 1 minute ago

2. Just below comments it states the date the task is due, who it's assigned to, and who it was a assigned by. This also includes a "1 minute ago" (or however long ago you copied the task).

3. The 3rd way Redbooth indicates whether a task is copied is contingent upon two things:

A. If you have a Description in the original task, directly underneath the description it will say, "Added by @user 3 minutes ago"

B. If you had comments in the original task, those will be removed in the copied task.

If you then immediately change the name, it should be clear enough as to which task is which.

what you say is true. however it potentially requires opening both tasks to discover which is the original and which is the copy. not blatant as you say but not a huge problem in general.

i myself have not made this mistake but i realize now (based on your comment) the problem is that there is no way to distinguish the copy from the original in the task list. people work fast and click quickly in tools like this. so maybe i will add another suggestion to display (in a small font) the creation date and creator of the task in the task list.

"there is no way to distinguish the copy from the original in the task list"

--> yes, unless the copied task is assigned to someone else (since the assignee shows up in the task list). Otherwise yes, I concur, there's not a way to know the difference.

This has happened to us as well in many instances. Two suggestions on a way to correct this:

A) After a task has been copied, close the original task and open the new copied task. I feel like this is the user expected action when cloning objects. In most other software we use, when you clone an item, it takes you to the new cloned item.

B) After selecting to copy a task, allow the user to indicate what the new task name should be when it is created. Eg.

1) Select copy task

2) Enter new name for this task

3) *Task is copied and renamed*