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Please include us in the Beta testing for Sub-task functionalities too. Very excited for these new features!!

Great idea! Also, enable the Tasks to be moved from one Task List template to another Task List template while setting the TL template up in the "Manage my Org" set-up.

Running a report to pull by #/Hashtags would be very helpful in identifying similar Tasks. I also submitted a feature request that #Hashtag functionality be added to Files. We would like to run a report, or search on, Files that we tag as "deliverables". These requests are related:

Thanks Jon - Just wanted to be sure I was clear that we want to be able to enter the @username in the body of an email we're forwarding into Redbooth, so that it will alert that member on their Dashboard. It's not an issue with pasting the Reply-to Task email address into the To or CC of an email.

Thanks- Deb