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Hi Ryan,

To answer your questions:

  • My situation is almost exactly the same as rspiller’s comment below. For our team, having a dedicated column to display the just most recent comment for each project on the report page would be ideal as it provides a more detailed snapshot of a projects current status (e.g., Status: Active // Tasklist: With Client // Latest Comment: Third draft of English mockup sent to client for review on February 7, 2018. Still awaiting French translation.).
  • I can’t see us really needing the author of the comments captured in the report—the report already captures who is assigned to the project. Too many names displayed might get confusing. That said, perhaps if the comments were timestamped with the author’s initials might work (i.e., Latest Comment: Third draft of English mockup sent to client for review. Still awaiting French translation. – SC, Feb 7, 2018).
  • I had been only thinking about exporting from the Task overview Report page, but having it available for export from both would be handy.
  • Not that I can think of offhand.

Thanks, Ryan! :)


Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the reply!

Not necessarily. Excel is what she’s used to right now but she’s completely open to another solution if it works better for us (i.e. Redbooth) as long as it will still meet her needs.


For me, I have a senior manager to whom we send a weekly update/report on all design projects in the shop. Currently, the updates are captured in and provided as an Excel spreadsheet. As cumbersome as that process is, the spreadsheet is able to display all updates from the previous week in a single report without my manager having to sort through individual projects to see what notes or comments have been added.

As Redbooth exists now, I can create a report that includes the current status of a project by changing it from one task list to another (e.g. from “In development” to “With client for approval”). However, it doesn’t allow me to generate a report that includes any changes made in the description area or any recent comments that were added.