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Hi Ben, you mention it should be resolved, but in which version? I can't see a newer version than 7.0.2 yet. And I can confirm that from time to time Redbooth iOS app version 7.0.2 kicks me out and I have to login again. This does not happen all times however. There are other very annoying things in the current iOS app: the interface is sometimes very slow (probably the app is performing some lenghty background tasks), and sometimes when creating a task the view is switched back to the task list and I loose the text that I started to type. It happens both when creating a task or adding a subtask to an existing task. Probably the app is refreshing in the background and believes it must render a new task list, whereas I already switched to another view.

Anyway it' good to hear that an entirely new iOS app is on the way. I'll be patient ;-)

Ben, there are no such versions 7.1 and 7.2 available in the app store. Are you referring to versions 7.0.1 and 7.0.2?

Version 7.0.2 still has broken refresh.

I'm asking myself if you're still adding support to the iOS app! Last update was in april...

I definitely agree the iOS app is outdated. Another inconsistency is the handling of the Urgent flag: on the web you can set it without due date, whereas in the mobile app you have to choose Urgent or a due date.

Best regards and keep up the good work please.

You should not mark this as completed, this is not fixed at all. Refreshing the data is still a pain in the ass in the Redbooth app.

I do not expect the sync to be so slow, because when I choose Settings > Re-sync core data now, the update only takes 4 seconds. I confirm the app is not syncing when opening the task view or dragging the task view to bottom.