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Hi Ben,

We're sorry you are still having a frustrating experience with our redesigned Dashboard, and I promise that we've heard you and our other customers' feedback and are working hard to improve it!

Regarding your specific situation, there is no right or wrong way to use Redbooth - We've designed it to be flexible to meet many different needs and workflows. We believe that when a piece of work (task or subtask) is completed, that it should no longer show up in your MyTasks list. Correspondingly, we remove the view of that task/subtask from the right preview pane in your Dashboard as well, and want to help move on to the next piece of work on your list.

However, I understand that in this case that after completing a subtask assigned to you, you want to continue working or commenting on the main task that is not assigned to you. In this case, I would recommend using the navigation breadcrumbs we include with each of your tasks/subtasks before marking your subtask complete. In this screenshot, clicking on "Marketing Plan" will take me directly to the main task, where I can focus, comment, and provide updates on the main task and also mark my subtask as complete when I am finished.

Correspondingly, when you mark that subtask as complete from the main task, it will no longer show in your MyTasks list when you return.

If you prefer to have the main task in your MyTasks list, you can also assign the main task to yourself to keep visibility of the main task in your MyTask list.

Thank you again for the feedback! We genuinely appreciate it, and we are continuously trying to make Redbooth the best it can be!

Hi All,

Thank you all for your initial feedback!

Rest assured that we are not yet done with our Dashboard, and we will be continuously improving it over the following weeks.

Stay tuned!

Thank you for being Redbooth customers!

Hi All,

Thank you very much for your feedback!

We sincerely apologize that this update has caused an inconvenience and disruption to your workspaces and how you use Redbooth.

While we understand that changes do have the potential to be unpleasant, we realize that we could have done a much better job in notifying our customers about upcoming changes such as this color update to workspaces.

We continue to grow here at Redbooth as a product, and we are continuing to work on improving Redbooth for all our customers. Unfortunately, that will mean that some changes will impact some customers more than others, and we apologize for those changes.

Thank you again for being Redbooth users!

Hello Marcelo,

We've recently updated our supported languages to include only English, German, French, and Spanish.

You can find out more about our supported languages in our Help Center article at the following link.

Unfortunately, Portuguese is no longer an officially supported language.

Thank you for the feedback! We have updated the status of this idea.

We're excited to announce that assignable subtasks are here! Setting due dates and assignees on subtasks is now available under our business plan.

Subtasks that are assigned to you are now easily visible in your My Tasks section as well as highlighted in your Workspace view.

You can learn more about managing subtasks here.

Thank you all for the helpful feedback!

Hi Alec,

Your Redbooth admin can easily turn on/off certain communications features in Redbooth by going to the Organization settings:

Hi Roseanne,

Have you tried our Copy Project feature for your needs?