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Hey Ryan - any update on when this will go live?  Been waiting for this one for a while.  Thanks!

I agree.  Getting notifications for a task you're not assigned on but want to stay updated is great, BUT if you want to go in and view all these projects, you have to remember all of them.  A tab on the dashboard for "Following" which looks exactly like the 'MY TASKS' tab, but for all tasks (not subtasks) you're following but not assigned to, would be excellent

So I may be the outlier here.

- We are not going to be exporting comments daily.  This would more likely be a weekly, monthly, or ad-hoc timing structure.

- We would need the author of the comment as having a comment with no author seems to have no purpose (in my eyes)

- Whatever way is available to download


Exactly, that would be excellent

Hi Ryan -

This user assigned herself to a task.  No one else is part of this particular task.  She has e-mails set up so when something is updated in a task she will see it, but we have many tasks that are not project related and are more of personal reminders that we have a task due.  

Each day I have many tasks so very rarely do I look further out than my 'Today' tasks.  What would be great is the following:  If I know now that I have something coming up in two weeks, I'll set it up now and assign myself to it.  Rather than that day being here and I see it on my 'Today' list, I get an e-mail or app notification saying 'You have the following due tomorrow: ABC".  The one caveat is this would not work for every task, as I would get an email every day about 20 or more tasks, and it would defeat the purpose.  Ideally, we could select "Notify me of upcoming task X amount of days before it's due", such as Calendars on the computer or phones due.

Resolved with today's update.  Thanks.

We have not, thankfully, but it would be great to be ready if we ever had to

I work at an investment company and we are regulated by several governing bodies.  If needed, it would be very helpful to be able to export comments for their review.

Hi Ryan,  any update here?